Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tools , the good the bad, and plain ole ugly

There are many third party tools out there. I hate most of themm. Mostly as they sem to be half done. Like someone saw the need for a particular tool, but didn't quite know how to finish it or maybe what was really needed for a development tool.

In house you can take whatever shortcuts ya want with ya tools. have fun with that crappy tool that 10 people will be usng later on in a project, especially at crunch time. I like tools done properly, or as much as they can.

So here i am needing an audio editor, and hating the fact i don't appear to have a good one. so i go looking on the web and find a few different ones to try, a couple even free. After a long frustrating time i dropped one after the other as being too awkward to use, or just plain didn't do what i wanted. then i came across NCH Wavepad editor. Oh man, this is nearly it. Works like you would expect, no surprises. The only thing it is missing is a multi-track editing solution, and then... Hey presto NCH do this as well, and if you buy them both at the moment you can get them for a measley 75 bucks, Woohoo! so my new company purchase tomorrow will be these two third party solutions to my audio woes. I sure hope the Multi-track lives up to the wavepad, which BTW is FREE!!

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  1. I still use Cooledit Pro. Have done for years. Swear by it. Tis lovely it is :)