Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tidy up for the Project Presentation

I have been working hard with Leilani to get this project all sorted out ready for her presentation on Thursday. I am so excited.

Saturday was amazing as we had tried to make sure we had all the ingredients (assets) sorted and on hand for the big Video we needed to make for her presentation. Instead of a powerpoint one, we decided that showing the game through video would more accurately show off all the hard work she has done.  Whereas static images would not show the live animated and interactive nature of putting artwork into a game.

I have to say that I expected it to take upwards of 9 hours, but in exactly half that time we were done.... We were shocked (especially me).

Now Leilani gets to practice her presentation and give me any notes on altering the video if required. So far I have not gotten any notes, and she is behind practice schedule (thanks to a surprise baby sitting stint on Monday night). Well anyway, she is going to present to the family tomorrow night. So tonight I just had to add some gameplay elements at the end of the video and finish with the splash screen artwork. BAM, Done... unless I get some notes tomorrow!

This bonus to doing this presentation has been that when I was trying to record elements for the video, I found issues. In fact I found a serious physics issue in the 2D Platforming sections, which I have now fixed. Along with numerous other small items. For the video to look good I had to fix these things and so the Bonus is that the game is now a lot more tidy than it was before this intervention.

It is easy to spot which bits of the game need attention. When you show someone your game, pay special attention and note the areas you avoid going to, or the elements where you make excuses. These are the weak areas that need polish!

Ok, I am so tired, with lots to do at work and this as well, I need some more sleep,

Da Voodoochief

ps. regular posts should ensure from this weekend

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