Friday, March 18, 2016

Project before Game

A few days ago I asked my Daughter when her presentation was, being vaguely aware that it was near the end of March. Well obviously I realized we were marching through this month and erm... well we haven't got the project ready yet.

You see this game was born from my Daughters drawings and then when she had a Senior project to do for school, we came up with the bright idea of combining my coding and design with her artwork and story ideas. Hence Very Bunny Haha was born from that.

This still means that before the game comes the presentation for her Senior project though and I guess we have gotten carried away over the last 10 months and have not focused at all on the project stuff. GAH! Fortunately for us we have PLENTY of material to work with, haha. so much in fact that when we found out the presentation was only 5-7 minutes we groaned, as we feel we need 20 minutes minimum. Ahh well, onwards.

It hasn't taken long, but we have not just a plan, but also a script and I am busy recording various aspects of the game to go with her presentation. Tonight I have been grabbing plenty of characters animating from the game. Only I wanted them to be large, so I used the Scene view in Unity instead of messing with the camera.

Those in the picture are the ones I have grabbed so far. Now I will admit to these not being the greatest captures. Mainly because using the Scene gives me certain issues, like debug collisions showing up, sometimes over the animating character, which is a bit annoying. But at this stage of the game (less than a week to go!!!) I will make do. Also I hope that those lines showing interesting technical stuff might impress the people she is presenting too :)

OK, Time to go back to the videos. Oh, and YES, I will be posting various videos I conjure up from this once it is done with.

Conclusion: Next time, never forget the reason for working on something, and cover it as early as possible.

Da Voodoochief

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