Monday, March 7, 2016

Bugs List and More #gamedev

So a few things in this Blog post.

#1 is that I have been busy making a bug list today as I tested out ALL the quests in the game. Now I wish I had tracked the amount of time it took me to complete all the quests.. perhaps next time. Anyway I made the list of mostly spelling errors and a few misnamed objects etc. Not too bad at all. It will be good to fix them, as a clean game can be tested any time.

Which brings me to:

#2 Testing any time. After a discussion with Leilani I realize we need several things in the game. As we want to kickstart this game at some point in the near future we discussed rewards for backers. It is my opinion that you cannot ever consider this kind of thing too early in a games creation. So we came up with several things, such as pets (simple enough to code and draw really, but great value). Then we came up with monthly holiday quest lines (brilliant), and perhaps we could skew a few of these for backers purposes. Oh oh, back to the point of #2... So I have been testing the game because we have also been talking about getting the game played by random people. I would call the game Pre-pre Alpha as there is so much  missing, though mostly sound and a few more quests....

and so:

#3 To that end I reckon we will have to put a forum on the web site, and perhaps even the downloadable executable.

Exciting times to even be able to discuss this kind of thing. As it means it is getting closer and closer.

Da Voodoochief

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