Thursday, March 24, 2016

First Focus #gamedev

Today I was thinking about the game development and what is my next most important aspect to get right. For me it is always (always has been so far) to work on gameplay. The way things balance and the way the player interacts with the game itself.

It then dawned on me that there are many other important aspects to creating a game and for other developers I would expect they would have other priorities initially (they can always come back to work on the gameplay and balance later).

So is it the way the game looks? Is it the way the game progresses? Perhaps it is the first experience the player gets that is most important (it certainly IS important).

Hmm, so many choices. I also wonder how important sound really is in a game when for most of a games development life there is no sound in the game, and then when it is, the game is muted so you can work on it around other people. I think that devalues sounds in a game myself, but I also do what I said above, as I work on the game around other people.

Game dev is NOT a single path, it is a path with many forks and many starting points.

Have fun making your game and hope that some of that fun and dedication remains in the game for people to appreciate when you have it finished.

Da Voodoochief

ps. time to go away for a few days, be back Sunday

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