Sunday, March 27, 2016

Back to Filling out #gamdev

The presentation is now completed. It was a success by all accounts. Though I believed I think more than my daughter that her presentation was going to be amazing. Still it is a relief to have that done with, and out of it has come some very useful marketing blurb.

I also got a recording of her practicing in the living room before heading off to the school for the presentation. I hope to use sections of that to help market the game. She is very dedicated to the game and I that shines through.

Now what?

Well now we go back to filling out the game. I have lots of Quests to create, and that means adding more content such as NPCs to give the quests out etc. This weekend while out camping (before the trip to ER) I was working on putting in 8 quests, but alas they are not quite finished yet. This will bring the number of quests up to 69 though :O Shocking numbers I think. Also I am now at 111 named objects in the world. That is just how busy we have been.

More Quests,
More Mini games,
More NPC characters,
More Audio,
More Music,
More accumulation of marketing materials,
etc etc

The list could be endless, but I will work on what I can, knowing each thing I add, makes the game more valuable and fuller.

I would say it is filling out nicely,

Da Voodoochief

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