Monday, March 14, 2016

Replayability in VBHh #indiedev

This is an odd word and not even a real word I believe. Feels like it is made up... yet... Everyone you say this word to that plays video games KNOWS what you mean. Amazing isn't it.

Well for some people replayability is of vital importance, yet when you first purchase a game you have no idea how playable it is, never mind replayable. I guess there are reviews from some good people who will point out this kind of thing, but if you just picked a game up off the shelf you simply would have no idea.

Yet it IS important. Just how important really depends on your gameplay. For example World of Warcraft Needs replayability. They have also built it in by adding so many classes and so many styles of play. People can keep playing it endlessly. Some games the first journey through the game is more important and it is likely the only one they will take through the game. Arcade style games that have added story and cinematics tend to be a mostly single play through experience.

I would also add though that some games need replayability for a whole new reason (ok, new in the last 4-5 years or so), and those games are the ones with some types of in game purchases. If you do not keep coming back then how will they make any money? Now I have to admit that a lot of those games with in game purchases update and add content to keep people coming back, but I view that differently than games that have replayability built in.

Now with Very Bunny Haha I would love the game to have real replay value. Though I do not think that is going to work for our plotline and our gameplay styling. With a single antagonist and quests that follow the plotline or are spun off from it, there is no major choice to progressing the story. We do have the plant growing aspect which can be dealt with in several ways, and in the First update after release I expect to get the animal farming into the game. This will also add some very valuable gameplay.

I cannot build in replayability into VBHh directly, but there are a few endless factors built in already. I hope this is enough for the audience.

Da Voodoochief

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