Saturday, March 12, 2016

Acorn Drop for VBHh #gamedev

Here is a picture of the newest Mini-game to be created for Very Bunny Haha. This one is called Acorn Drop.

That doodad at the top of the box moves of it's own volition back and fore across the screen. Then you have all those lovely acorns to drop into this Pachinko style game. I chose Acorns because of their interesting shape. They bounce all over the place, it is pretty cool.

In fact it is so cool I have made a development video... only I cannot work with my audio equipment till tomorrow at the earliest. It just arrived in the mail today. Leilani tested it already and says it works great, which is nice. anyway this development video shows the game mid dev, and what silly things happen when there is no restriction on releasing Acorns.

Oh yes, so the Acorns drop down the screen hitting the various fruits along the way. Wracking up a bonus score. Then when they get to the bottom they will explode.. or something multiply the score they have accumulated by the amount in the box they land in. Phew... Well then there is a score revealed for that acorn and once you have spent all 10 acorns you are done.

One final thing I am playing with is that each time an acorn hits a fruit peg, there is some audio naming the fruit. Such as 'Lemon' and 'Apple' etc. However I think it should be a childs voice... So I will likely be trying to find a volunteer for this one :)

Da Voodoochief

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