Thursday, April 24, 2014

Some days are easier than expected

As I am getting close to getting Heroic Simon for the iOS done and out the door, I realized it was time to do something I am not great at, something I do not fancy doing ever.. The games description or copy.

Within each games submission directory I have a text file that I place all the important submission details into. That way it goes into my revision control system and I never lose it. This text file contains such important information as the key words, and the category the game is going to be published under. It also contains the copy for the game.

Well I steeled myself tonight to start on the copy, come up with some ideas and put them down. Then I can let the ideas percolate for a few days while I struggle to make them make sense when I write them down. Only I was shocked too see, the copy is already done, and it isn't the worst I have ever written, WOOT!

So I have already done this painful task... I am rather pleased about it haha!

Easy night,

Da Voodoochief

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