Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Heroic Simon and Lite, screwed it up

I have both Heroic Simon and the Lite versions all done and ready for release now. Only I have screwed up something important.

Namely I went to the iTunes connect and created my new App, called it Heroic Simon and attached the game certificate as I am supposed too. Only I attached the Lite certificate to the none Lite name.. So now I have it backwards. This means it will forever be the wrong way around. And if you have ever read much of my blog, you will know how I hate this kind of misnaming or confusion.

I hate multiple directories called the same, such as several data ro bin or tools folders all under the same main directory. It is simply ridiculous and confusing. Naming things incorrectly and using them this way is expedient at first, but you will pay with more time later as you sort this stuff out.

Now I am going to have to create a new production certificate with a name that will show that it is the REAL Heroic Simon Lite, nad the one using the Lite certificate is in fact the Heroic Simon version.. GAH!

I hate this now and I will hate it more later I am sure,

Da Voodoochief

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