Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Never simple Eh!

I finished coding the new 'More Games' page in the Heroic Simon App tonight and figured I'd take it for a spin on my iPad. I also wanted to check out the latest fix for Landscape splash screen by Marmalade. It always seems to break every SDK update haha!

Anyway I built it easy enough and then used to upload the game nad it should have been good. Only while I am installing it on the iPad it tells me that it cannot install right now, wanna retry, or try again later. Like something is magically gonna fix this for me, bah!

Now I wonder if it is the latest Marmalade update that has broken the install. I also noticed my iPad wanted an update to 7.1.1 as well. so I will get that going and hope the new Marmalade matches that and it all works ok tomorrow...

wish me luck.

Da Voodoochief

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