Sunday, April 27, 2014

3 Games at once in Apple Review, Wow!

I am busy at the moment with home improvement projects and work and family and also fixing a bug in Heroic Patterns. The Lite version does not have this bug, but the paid version has a bug. Well in fact it has two bugs. One is the setup of the shared leaderboards, which somehow were not setup correctly for the game. So people buying this version cannot see their high scores and achievements, grrrr. The second bug is that the bonus pattern which is supposed to appear once per day is permanently on, which gives the paid player a huge advantage in the leaderboards.

Along with all that I am working on getting Heroic Simon done and out the door, or at least to Apple test. I am truly close now with all my submission graphics and information done. All I Have to do as I type this is make a test version of the paid and Lite games and upload them to my iPad. Once tested I can then build a version to send to Apple test. It could be quite a time having 3 games in Apple test at the same time!

Oh, I haven't mentioned that my daughter who I am teaching to drive is doing wonderfully and it makes me so proud as I teach her. I believe this is a fantastic bonding experience, and I am sure many parents have felt just as full of pride as I do at this moment. Then along with this I have my son who besides growing ridiculously tall for his age is maturing in a way that makes me so proud. To see him in his boy scout uniform and hear him talk of the focus and effort his has for it is awesome.

Now I know I don't talk about my family usually in my posts, but this weekend has had a lot of my kids in it and I could not be more proud.

Da Voodoochief

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