Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Realease a Game on April 1st?

No Way!

There I was last night working on my Homepage and adding a page for Heroic Patterns when I realized I really didn't want to release Heroic Patterns tomorrow.. erm.. today. On April 1st.

The two main reasons I have is that people might think my game is a joke (some people might anyways!), also I expect people to be too busy downloading real joke apps and stuff to bother with my game. So I have delayed the launch till 3rd April. I sure hope you can all hold out till then!

Still, the web page is done, the setup of the release date is done for both the full and Lite versions in Apples iTunesConnect. So now I need to get ready for marketing, which in this case consists of very little as usual.

Laters everybody, have a happy Aprils Fools day!

Da Voodoochief

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