Monday, April 14, 2014

More Games Page

This has been a real bug bear for me lately. I really need to sort out what I am doing for the More Games page. I have decided to go a bit overboard on this page. As I really do think cross promotion is VERY important for my games. After all, I have enough of them....

So to that end... I have created TWO looks of the page. There is two looks as some games are Landscape and some Portrait. So I have set this up for my games to show BIG and WELL.

So that was the Landscape page...
There is my portrait page.
The idea is the same for both of them, but the areas I have laid out for them differ slightly. The bottom area will most likely evenly space out the game icons, and I will have some sort of highlighting for the game on display, then after 3 seconds or so I will fade the current game info out and replace it with the next game in the sequence.
As you can see the areas are
1. Game Big Icon
2. Title (text)
3. Short Description (text)
4. Game representative picture
5. Main game description (text)
With those 5 sets of Data I can set this page up for multiple game pretty easily. I can also then copy the code ad the associated artwork over to any new games, or maybe retrofit it into previous games and update them.
Da Voodoochief

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