Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I was wondering today what people do for inspiration for their current game, their next game or even to renew their desire to keep on going when to be honest the outlook for success looks bleak.

Myself I use all sorts of external inputs. Be them music or movies or most anything. Cos that is the secret for me.. Pretty much anything I see or o seems to give me inspiration for my next game. Top of the list is probably when I do manual labour. Not quite sure why but somehow getting a sweat on seems to open up my mind, both during and after the work.

Well I know this is a short post, but I just got through creating an area in my garden for my trailer to park, so I have done digging nad leveling and form creation and concreting.  then I got to level more and this morning lay a bunch of gravel... 2400 pounds of gravel from the bed of my truck. It was tiring hard work, but so fulfilling.

Now I am all giddy with inspiration again....

Da Voodoochief

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