Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Hot Chicks TCG Ad Campaign

I decided to do an Ad campaign for 'Hot chicks the Card Game'. I figured I would start it at about the month published mark, as by then I was thinking i would be mostly settled into a average number of new consumers and maybe an average number of losses. I have no real idea if a month is the right time, but it is my best guess. Coupled with the fact I do not want to wait forever to do an Ad campaign, it was time to get sorted.

As it happens my campaign was set to start on March 14th. It was real easy to setup as under the Android marketplaces publisher account you get to see the list of your published games/apps. As part of this information strip it as an 'Advertise this App' link. So i pushed it. things went very smoothly and then it told me I needed to use Google checkout for funding. I dutifully did all this and added my 50 dollars. Yeah, that is really what i was gonna advertise with.

I selected that I would spend 10 dollars a day and that I would run the Ad for 5 days. Once ya daily money has been used up, the ads for your game simply stop being served till the next day.

I was VERY VERY interested to see what difference this could have made to my games presence on the market. No one has given me  much hope that this would make much difference, but i had to see it.

Of course we are not yet at the 14th of March.. And yet I am talking in the past tense. The reason for that is that all Ads have to be approved, and my Ad was not. So it is kicked out of the list. It will never happen and I now have 50 bucks over in Admob land waiting to be used. (of course I will use it on my next game).

I am very disappointed. I really hoped to find out if the Ads would make a difference. If I could have valued the Ads then I could have figured out what I would do when my next All ages game is ready for release. Now i am still in the 'don't have a clue' category.

On another not, i keep going to the and searching for 'Hot Chicks' to see where my game comes up. It started life at about number 14 in the list and then steadily climbed up to about number 7 after some blogging by me and erm.. I am not sure why else it climbed (If you do know, please let me know :). I did for a few days suddenly get into the top 6 (which is important). the top 6 are displayed right away and no more clicks are needed to see them, So i think it important to be up there. though if you search for my whole title or under card games, it is right up there. Still, who is gonna think of Hot chicks card game ? 8O

Hopefully anyone else doing Ads has had better luck than me. It is what I get for making a 13+ game that then gets rated fully mature due to it's Sound FX.

Da Voodoochief


  1. After a successful install, I get nothing but a black screen. I have seen the Hot Chick logo, then it goes to black and stays there.

    Does this work on Samsung Moment?

  2. Hi Sinjinkarch,
    I am sorry to hear it is not working on your device. I have only a handful of devices as a selection to test the game on here.
    I am interested to know what Android version your phone is running. I will then try to create a fix for it. After the splash screen is an interesting time for it to die.

    Thanks, and looking forward to your information.
    Da Voodoochief

    1. Thanks for the quick reply.

      Samsung Moment
      Model: SPH-M900
      Baseband version: S:M900.8.0S.CL14
      Firmware version: 1.5
      Kernel version: 2.6.27

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hey Matey,

    I was wondering if you would supply your email Address so I can contact you about this issue. I do not have access to a 1.5 version Android device, yet would love to make the game work with your machine. I do know what is wrong, only I do not know how big a certain number would have to be to work on your device.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to contact me.
    I look forward to your response.

    I can be reached at

    Thanks again,
    Da Voodoochief

  4. Hi,

    I just wanted to say that i have now created a Version 2.0 for Android that not only includes Leaderboards, but also has a fix in it for Android 1.5 users. I believe this should work really well with your phone, please let me know if it dows not.

    Thanks and have fun,
    Da Voodoochief