Friday, March 2, 2012

Apple Dev, Leaderboards and more

I couldn't come up with a succinct title today. I seem to have a bunch of smaller items to moan about or discuss. I know I should probably do them as separate posts as Blog guidelines suggest, but I don't care right now.

Number 1 on my List is the nice phone call I just had with Apple Dev Enroll. The lady (Julia) was very nice. However It seems my company Tax documentation is not good enough to become verified as a company in Apples eyes, Gah!  The story continues on, and now I have been trying to be a developer for 2 weeks.

Number 2, Last night a friend told me he could crash 'Hot Chicks the Card Game', and then he proceeded to show me on his phone. Upon playing with the crash a few times I easily discovered what the issue is. It is a bug i had way back when and solved. So how could it be back? Well after looking over my code I realised that when I added in the Ad support code I inadvertantly regressed my bug fix. Geez, and my game is out like this, GAH!

Number 3, this is a carry on from Number 2. I now have the bug fixed again of course, only I cannot do an update at the moment as I am still in the middle of developing the update with the leaderboards added in. So stuck in No Update yet position! Gah!

Number 4. This is a departure from programming but I found this article to be AMAZING! Check out this picture for starters...
Isn't it amazing? It lokos like some render that an artist has made up, for some world in a video game. However this is not made up, it really is a spike of mountain sticking up from the ocean. Wonderful stuff, as is the article about a strange creature actually living there. Now I have linked this picture directly from the Web site article. Please check out the original article if you are interested, I enjoyed it a lot. 'Six Legged Giant...'

Number 5, Ok, no GAH! in this one.. oh wait, I lied haha!  The leaderboard code is nearly complete. I added in a new drag control last night and it seems to be working well. Only this has introduced a new bug I will fix. So once that is done I have the Profile name change code to write (using the on screen keyboard entry, woohoo!) and then the new version should be good to go.

High scores in my game are gonna rock!  Marmalade and Scoreloop are sweet!

Da Voodoochief

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