Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Found the Ad Views

You may have read one of my previous posts about losing Ad Views, despite other information saying I should have had plenty.

Here is the Post.

Now i know where they went, and yes, i mean Went!


My game has two Ad suppliers, just in case one supplier cannot supply an Ad, i can ask the otehr one to fill in the gap. A Sweet system provided by IwGameAds and I like it. When you setup the Ad suppliers, you can also set what order they will be setup in, and also who is first up. When I first launched i was setup to use as my main supplier, with as backup.

Well at some point I musta switched these when I did one of my revisions (probably me testing them in some way). So most of the Ads supplied were from and I had not bothered really going there since the first month. Cos all i got were about 5 Ads supplied a day.

I went to last night and was shocked to see the numbers per day in the 400-500 range. DOH! Well here are all my missing Ad views....

Yes, i was an idiot. How could I not have realized and therefore gone and checked BOTH Ad suppliers.

I guess it all makes so much sense now eh!

I am da Fool, as I fooled myself.

Have a great day, and I hope your Ads are plentiful,
Da Voodoochief

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