Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cheez-Its in PS3Home

This has gone LIVE today in Playstation Home.

As my Day job i work for a company in southern California called Mass Media Games. We are well known for working on very difficult conversions along with the occasional original gamne release. Though mos of those were for THQ, who have not employed us for an original game in some while. Still we keep our creative side going by making stuff for Sonys Playstation Homes Virtual world. We create lots of Virtual objects/prizes/clothes/furniture and also we are very proud of our environments or scens such as the Midway areas.

We are going to introducing Midway 3 as soon as it is ready (gotta love self publishing :). We also have a few surprises for everyone in Home, but i cannot talk about them at the moment. Maybe Jack Buser might mention something this week at GDC (i can only hope!).

Anyway back to the point of this post. Today we had one of the things we have worked on the last month go Live. It is a Minigame that Sony asked us to make as a promotional item for the Cheez-Its brand. In fact we accumulate all the votes and a bunch of metrics for them. So your votes DO count.

This was one of those jobs where they asked us to create a Teleporter and Scene Minigame. They also asked that it be a bit like one of our existing minigames. so it was modelled on one of our games from Midway2. This was ok, but for me I was really hoping for a completely unique and original game. Still it was fun to redress and alter the game in various ways. Then we also added the back end Server support for all the vote tallying and metric collection. I am REALLY hoping that this Minigame accumulates Millions of Votes and hundreds of thousands of players. Then I am sure we will get more work and more interest in Home from Big companies looking to advertise etc.

I hope you enjoy voting and winning the two prizes. The hardest part of doing this minigame was in fact setting the Difficulty level :O  Personaly i think it too easy being able to cplete it with more than half the time left. Still Watching others play it live shows me going easy was a good move as i see so many of our frustrated animations being played. wow!

Have fun in there,
Da Voodoochief


  1. I can't wait for Midway 3! I keep googleing it to find out a possible release date. I love everything mass media games does for ps3 home their ideas are always out of the box.

  2. Hi There,

    Well I am glad you like what Mass EMdia Games does. We try very hard to give a very rewarding experience, and hopefully a fun one. Watching your friends win or fail is one of our big features and we still love it today. as for a release schedule, well. It will be ready when It is ready. I can tell you it is very close, but we have to go through some serious testing with Sony and that has yet to happen.

    Good luck in the new Midway, and I hope to be able to give away green tickets again via my twitter once I can beg some from Sony :)

    Have a good day,
    Da Voodoochief