Saturday, March 24, 2012

Android 1.5 playable games

I just thought I would comment on this here in my Blog.

Observations (or what i have been told)...

* A lot of newer games do not work on the Android 1.5 version. They say they do in the stores, but in fact a lot of them do not work.
* Downloading a Full version of  a game (buying it!) is not a very good thing to do for people with this version of device. Simply put, if it doesn't work, you just paid good money for nothing. (though a call to the developer may fix this issue).
* A lot of people with this version of Android therefore do not take a chance and buy a lot of games. (unless they have played the lite version first). This seems reasonable to me.
* Admob does not work on Android versions older than 1.6. So a bunch of Ad supported games tend to not support this version and these devices.

I think it is a pity that there are a WHOLE lot of people with Android 1.5 versions of phones and devices, and yet they seem to have been left to upgrade or simply to be ignored. I do not agree with this stance, and unless a game cannot physically run on these older devices, then I will make sure my games are fully working on them.

I wonder how many peolpe with these devices and phones feel a bit frustrated or left out.

Thankfully I heard from a customer that Hot Chicks TCG did not work properly on his phone and he was running 1.5. So i fixed it. It was a software renderer issue and was not hard to fix. Is it gonna work on all 1.5 devices.. I cannot say. I know it does on one phone and one Archos 7 tablet though. (Marmalade made it pretty easy to support such a large range of Android devices.)

Support this device if you can. The machines are still pretty cool imho.

Da Voodoochief

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