Monday, March 5, 2012

Leaderboard is in, only...

Yeah It is true. I think I have the leaderboard working properly for my game.. Only.. Properly might be a stretch.

It seems when testing it tonight I realise I have overlooked at least one aspect of functionality. When i score more than I did previously, I need to re-get the possible new Rank (leaderboard position) I might have attained. Well duh! So i have added that, only i cannot test that in the test leaderboard as the Id you are given happens to have the top score in the test leaderboard by far. Hard to test advancing my position there. yet I can fairly easily test it on my Android device.

Still It seems like I may have missed some other possible happenings too. Not sure what at this time, but I will try a full test cycle soon I hope. As for my crash, I have traced that to someone who does not have a User Profile as yet in any Scoreloop enabled game. A simple validation check should allow me to continue without error, i hope. I have to test this on a friends Android phone, as I am known already on my own devices.

Finally one of the reasons I have managed to get most of the Leaderboard done is due to a slight redesign of the High Score screen. By removing the Top 5 list I have simplified my situation as regards implementation and overlapping issues in the screen as far as retrieving scores etc. Now I know tat al my problems are in fact programmer errors, and armed with that knowledge simplifying the overall task is the way to go. I am gaining confidence and knowledge on all of this great SDK, but i realy cannot wait to be totally solid on it all. I want to get a new version out as soon as this one is stable.

If overwhelmed by your current task, simplify it or reduce it if possible. Simplifying it can be as simple as breaking off less of a task to chew or reducing a large task into smaller more manageable bite sized pieces.

Good night
Da Voodoochief

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