Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ads views disappear

Well I have no idea what has happened. Simply put, my Ad requests (views) has just plummeted recently. Let me show you what I mean.

Hot Chicks the Card Game, was released on February 14th. So just about 5 weeks ago. I am using for my main supplier of Ads and they have done a great job servicing about 98% of my Ads. One of the Dashboard features of Inner-Active is the daily tables of Ad information based on title.

Here are some results:-
30 days    27,216
14 days      6,061
7 days           859
Yesterday       76

I find these numbers rather baffling. The way they start out so amazingly high and then plummet about two weeks ago. From what I can see 4 weeks ago to 2 weeks ago I had 21,000 ads served, yet these last 2 weeks just 6,000. that is a massive change.

Now I my game had gone on a list as a new release or something and I might understand it more. I still have had no reviews etc, so not expecting anythnig from that. My game from the start was simply a search to find type release. So what does this huge change in ads served mean ?

I really expected that the game would be downloaded approximately the same amoutn each week it was out. No big changes unless maybe I got reviewed etc. No new releases list as mentioned for me to go on, unlike the WP7 version. So i expected it all to be pretty flatline.

Well, as you can tell, i have no idea why i am suddenly so unpopular.

Oh, i should mention that so far Hot Chicks Android version has made me a about 3 dollars in Ad revenue, not quite enough for lunch yet!

Da Voodoochief

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