Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Midway3 in PSHome

Following my weekly reveal of each minigame in Midway3, Here is a the latest screenshot showing a game called 'Scatter Shot'.

I owned on this game, as I usually do on the shooting ones. Now if ONLY i could get level 10 on 'Ball Squeezer' (yes, midway1).. Grrr. I can pound level 9, but cannot get level 10 done.

I was also playing a minigame called 'Pull My finger'. Which i am not so good at!

Well back to testing more Midway fixes and upgrades. Then onto the new stuff (which is secret and I cannot say anything about at the moment, even If i am very excited. Yes i realise i have said there is stuff coming down the pipe and it will get you all excited, but not as much as ME!)  (long bracketed section that)

Da Voodoochief

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