Saturday, July 30, 2011

Re-Branding Game

Here i am for the first time in my life actually rebranding a game of mine. Will this be a good move or just a waste of time. At least it should not be too big a waste of time, however time will tell. I need to say Time one more time, oops, that was two!

So i am gonna rebrand Cards: en Fuego

And it will become

As you can see, there was no major change. At least not with the Logo. We have done several cosmetic changes within the game itself, but none more noticeable than the title page logo (the above pictures). However another of the big changes is the removal of the ':'. So now the game is Cards on Fire, simple and more clean i think.

So why do this ?

1. We think that a lot of the English speakers did not pay any attention to this game because they do not always realise what the name means. In fact i had several people ask me, even though i took it to be general knowledge what en Fuego meant. so rebranding it in to pure English will hopefully mean a bit more attention, or more instant recognition.
2. The colon had to go. The Dr said it was inadvisable to keep it around. Yep, we put that there as a separator to make the en Fuego stand out more we though. But alas it is an awkward thing to look for on the web. It is also something that several people asked about. Why is that there, it makes it a bit messy etc. We hope a more correct English short sentence will be more instantly attractive to browesrs.
3. We have our next game ready to go and that is called Cards Tip the Scale. This could do with the colon more than the previous one, but in any other language this title did not work very well. Another reason to make the first game conform. Why should they conform i here ya ask. Well simply put, these two FREE to play games will be put togetehr very soon to form a game that people will have to pay for. No more annoying Ads, no more loading two games to play these two. So we needed them to be able to exist together. One spanish title and one English seems like a bad mix to us. So when Cards the Combo turns up, you will know what it is :)
4. Oops, i nearly forgot, this does indeed give the game another try at the new releases list. I am not sure what to tell ya really. Some of you reading this will think that is the only reason i have done this (even if i disagree with you). Some of you will think this is simply a good idea to get 10 games out there, all the same except for the title (i will be removing Cards: en Fuego once this one is ready to go live btw!). I hope this does not start a parade of same games out there, however this will not be one of them.

Da Voodoochief

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  1. I'd really like to know if changing the game title actually improved it's popularity.
    Please once you have had more feedback (or sales or whatever) don't forget to update this entry!