Sunday, July 10, 2011

Always learning, DLC interface improvements

I am always learning, and in fact i find it exciting to learn stuff. Maybe everyone does... I don't know.

This time i decided that having learn't recently just how to use a touch screen windows phone i should go back and improve the first game i got onto the service. This was written with a certain nievete with regard to interface. So we placed touch boxes (actually grey circles) for people to select say an answer to a question. Having these all lined up with answers by their sides looked great.

Now though, not so much great, as more... Antiquated.

So tonight i have revamped the trivia game and Comic story interface. no longer do those grey circles reside in my game. Now we are the future. Ok, not quite, some of the wording is still a little off, but for now i am very happy just to move forward with this title that i think, if the right people saw it, would like it.

So onward and upward till i do my next game, i am busy on adding more features to my recent game Cards: en Fuego. I don't know if people want it, they seem pretty happy with just playing the game i have done, but i am not getting enough downloads (or visibility). We shall see what reviews bring, i am very excited for those. So next update for En Fuego is the Fire Extinguisher feature, woohoo!

Well take care,
Da Voodoochief

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