Saturday, July 23, 2011

Performance issue pt2

 Latest.... (Friday Night)

I worked hard trying to figure out the judder and hiccups in this game. I have to say it is rather frustrating as i have not found the cause, yet i commented out virttually everything. Including the sound fx calls etc. In fact i rewrote the sfx calling to all go through a common function so i have more instant and centralized control, so something good anyway.

At this time i suspect a rogue flag i am testing like the IsTrialMode flag that is really a hidden time sink. next up i will grab one of the WP7 samples and try that on my phone to see if that works better. If so i will find out the difference.

Till then i need a break and so i will add some more graphical effects into the game. which is something i enjoy, giving feedback to the player in a nice way.

Da Voodoochief

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