Sunday, July 24, 2011

WP7 Performance issue Pt3 (the End)

I have struggled so much with this juddering slow down. I have ogtten really frustrated with it as i did not appear to be able to solve the issue. In fact i decided to create a brand new game with virtually nothing in it except it would record the ElapsedTime value between updates. Then i print them in the Draw call.

I was shocked or maybe not to see that i still have this variability in the elapsed time. It was very aggravating and i knew at this time i needed more help. I had already scoured the internet lokoing for clues as to what to do. In the end it all came down to something simple, something i would have seen a few years ago i think before i started to slow down cognitively speaking. I had tried to make the IsFixedTimeStep=true to fix my issue. I had not hwoever done the opposite, somehow thinking that it would auto default to false....

So i did what i tend to do in times of desparation and not enough documentation, i Tweeted. I think my tweeps are the best, and once again i got information and help from several of them. One tip and the one that tipped the balance in my favour (sorry!). Was to set the IsFixedTimeStep=false.

This cured my problems. I have no issue going and using a variable time step at all, i am fine with that method of coding. But wow, .. i musta spent over 5 hours lokoing for this juddering only to find i needed to set a variable to false that when set to true creates problems..

I have to thank my fellow tweeters for their time and help
@theBigDaddio @FinalMirage @TimTheCoder

I hope this helps at least one person and makes all my time worth more.

Da Voodoochief

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