Friday, July 8, 2011

Microsoft Advertising SDK June Update (help)

I had issues updating to this new SDK. I don't know why, but i never looked in the directory it installed for documentation. What an ass i am. Well after finding that and following what it said, i still had issues, only a few new ones. that is because some of the original Documentation is not quite right. so i went looking and found some good stuff.

Here is a great working example of the new SDK.
Advertising SDK for Windows Phone XNA Sample - June 2011

Here is  a link to an excellent set of comments that really helped me before i found the above post.
New Microsoft Advertising SDK June 2011 Update Now Available

Now with those links out of the way. Here are some simple notes to get ya going faster i hope.
1. Remove the 'RotationMode.Manual' argument from the CreateAd method (only mod for that!).
2. Change the  'ErrorEventArgs'  to  'Microsoft.Advertising.AdErrorEventArgs ' (both places).
3. Your AdManager has gone away. If you used visible, then use the 'bannerAd.visible' instead.
4. Change the 'Admanager' declaration to 'AdGameComponent adGameComponent'
5. Change 'Ad bannerAd' to 'DrawableAd bannerAd', as it is now more than it was.
6. Change 'RequestNextAd()' to 'Refresh()'.
7. Now ya gotta declare that component
     AdGameComponent.Initialize(adApplicationId /*"test_client"*/);
     adGameComponent = AdGameComponent.Current;

8. Change your 'AdManager.CreateAd' to 'adGameComponent.CreateAd'

Then you should be ready to go. If you used the "test_client" and also "Image480_80" when setting this all up, you Will be in testmode. Setting test mode is now not nescessary, it is implied.

I hope this helps a few people, good luck and may your Ads make you lots of moolah.

Da Voodoochief

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