Monday, July 25, 2011

Naming a Game

The name you give to your pride and joy can be really difficult. I have two kids that i helped name a number of years ago and naming your game is a very familiar pain. Thuogh i have to say it is not quite as intense. You see i think it comes from a couple of factors.

1. The name will stay with your child and also your game for the rest of its life. You do not want your child to be ridiculed for their name, but also you do not want people to say bad things about the name of your game.

2. You want the name to help make them a success. This is very true, for your child you want the name to help them be confident and strong or beautiful or at least match the name you gave them with strong feelings for what it could do for them. the same is true for your game. If you name it well enough you know, just Know it will make a huge difference right?

Well i am not going to go into what makes a good name or bad, that is for another day. I will say here that we have been trying to come up with a good name for the next game. It has cales in it and cards and erm.. card matching gameplay. now Cards on Fire was an easy name, as the flames were trying to burn the cards. This one is a bit more tricky and here is a selection of what my partner has suggested.

As you will see, we had a theme going and would love to keep that for reasons that i will explain another day.
Cards: sliding scale
Cards: Musical scale
Cards: Slippery scales
Cards: Musical scale ( play a different tone randomly)
Cards: To scale
Cards: Tip the scale
Cards: Gravity
Cards: Run the scale
Cards: Stack the deck ( awesome name but not for this game)
Cards: Deck the halls ( Christmas version)

Now some of them are plain stupid in my mind, and some are really interesting, but do not describe this game. So what will be it's final name, what will we call the game when it goes live?

Check back later, maybe we will have figured it out by then.

Da Voodoochief


  1. The name "Cards: Gravity" makes me want to check out what it is about, it feeds my interest while not revealing enough forcing me to go preconceived.

    The other names are good, but don't catch my eye as the Gravity one did!

    Hope it helps.

  2. Gravity is a good name, but i think that might be better suited to the next card game we do (it has a lot more gravity in it hehe). At the moment it seems that Cards: Tip the Scales is winning our decision, but that could change if the logo does not look eye catching.

    Thanks for the comment (it is duly noted).

    Da Voodoochief