Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cards: En Fuego New Version

The New Version (2.1) has now gone live for WP7 phone land.

I got an email just over a week ago from microsoft mentioning that there was an updated Advertising SDK, and could i use that please. I i went ahead and got it installed. This then of course caused me several update issues as i blogged about before. But i just didn't want to spring an update on the community just for an advertising sdk update. It would seem odd to me if i downloaded an update to a game and yet had no idea what the update did etc.

So i added in a gameplay feature called 'Fire Extinguisher'. This new gameplay feature alhough small is quite helpful at just the right times and should allow any players to increase trhere score marginally, yay!

It went live last night and i managed to grab the updtae on my phone this morning. Now one of the things i was truly worried about with this update was the fact i have to change the save game.Yes.. not something i wanted to do. But i had put in a version number and oh man did that save me ass.

Tip: I recommned in any save file placing  aVersion number in it.

With this version number i was able to connect up the original variables and then add a bunch of new ones that could be used in the future, as as the new ones for controlling the tombstoniong of the fire extinguisher itself.

Tip: it can be good to put some blank space in the save file for future expansion.

Well after i grabbed the new version from the web i booted up the game, hoping that my primitive testing of teh save update would work fie and people would not lose their high scores, something i was very worried about.

Voila! it worked, my wife still has her high score, Phew.. crisis avoided!

Da Voodoochief

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