Friday, July 29, 2011

PSHome UFC space Card odds?

Two weeks ago THQ published the UFC space in Sony Home. We at Mass Media (my day job) were responsible for creating the space for THQ. The place seems really popular, especially as a fix for the minigames has just come out and appears to fix those issues (zeroing points anyone ?).

The most popular area in there appears to be the Card collection game. When we go there we see so many peolpe hanging out or discussing which cards they would like to trade for and with. This is very gratifying for us to see so much activity in something we here created. I hope eveyone is enjoying the space.

Now the question has come up about Rare cards, or which ones are more rare than common etc. I am busy trying to track down our internal information on this and will try to post it up in this Blog as soon as i can.

be cool
Da Voodoochief


  1. Hi ! Many users told me that they still have the same issues after the patch (no counter points and servers out of order) UFC public space and appartment.Are you aware of this ?thx
    Ps:english forum :

    french forum :
    spanish forum :

  2. I believe the Team is aware of this. Though i ccannot truly comment on it, as i am not working on Home at this time. I am busy working on a PS3 conversion of some popular titles.

    I will pass on the information though and hopefully it can al be resolved.

    Da Voodoochief