Monday, August 1, 2011

PSHome Card odds update

Well i had the guys looking around for the Odds of each card turning up in the UFC space in playstation Home. They eventually grabbed me the code file to peruse and i was hoping to list a nice set of information to allow everyone to know which card or Who is more rare.

However the answer is a bit of a shock. Even though we added in a system of weighting the odds for certain cards. We never actually used it. That is to say that ALL cards have an EQUAL chance of appearing at any given time on any given day. this is the way it currently works as of this writing and has been since the space came available to hang out in 2 weeks ago.

Now one more observation before i go is that some people have talked about visiting alternative instances when it is card giving time to bump up their collection. I can tell you this is not possible, as we have a system in place that makes all instance give out the same card at the same time.

Now for the intersting trivia part. Each card does in fact have a delivery difference. This difference is just how long a card will stay around for at the alotted time. Some will stay for more than a minute, and some only 10 seconds or so. Though if you are hanging out this will have no effect, if you are late and running up the stairs you might just miss it.

Thanks for reading,
Da Voodoochief

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