Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tip the Scales failed MS

So Microsoft very nicely informed me yesterday that the new Cards on Fire had passed. Then mere hours later they informed me that Tip the Scale did not pass. So good and bad i suppose. What is most interesting is that Cards on Fire passed with the exact same back button bug that is in Tip the Scale. The reason it passed was becasue it is the same as the version that is already live, so this means i do not have to fix it? Most odd, and indeed interesting.

Anyway i failed for two things.
#1 - Music playing does not obey the settings it should when the phone is already playing music. Well this was interesting as i have no music in my game :O  But i do have a sound effect that goes with my logo and unfortunately for me it was repeating, so it would be classed a smusic (heck i would too haha). Well this is a good find and allowed me to get rid of this annoyance.

#2 - Back button not Always going back to the previous screen. Well in my game i have several waits that use an overlayed screen and allow a player to breath between levels etc. It was in fact two of these overlayed pauses that were casuing the issue. the 'Ready' and the 'Game Over' ones to be precise. With a little ingenuity i managed to fix this (yeah, 10 mins). And now they will back button out to the title page, and also remember ya score if it ws a new high score you were on.

So now it is back into MS hands and i hope it will pass this time. I am very intrigued to see if the new method of cross marketting i have pladced into these games works. Though the longer the gap with ths one coming out, the worse my test will be.

I have not forgotten the second part to my previous post btw. I have been writing it up, but it is qwuite long and i also need some Facts from home i need to copy in before i publish it.

Da Voodoochief

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