Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cards Tip The Scale

The new game i have been working on is now finished It is about ready to put into the Microsoft submission process. The game is....

Yes folks a game where you stakc your cards to tip the scale in your favour. I also have a Web page with screen shots etc (Tip The Scale Info Page).

The most interesting thing about this game is how it is made. I wanted to create another original cards game (fool me i am sure), as it seems people would rather play old patience card games than make things move now in the digital age, but i digress.

Rules for the new game...
  1. I wanted to make the game Fast
  2. I wanted to reuse most of the assets from Cards on Fire
  3. I really want to be able to put the games togetehr in one game (to sell)
How did this go i hear ya ask?Well lets break it all down.
1. I did make the game fast, i already had 3 ideas and i just had to plump for one, which was harder than one might presume.
2. I managed this really, and the only things i had to create were the new Logo and a few new effect sprites. Wonderful stuff.
3. AHA, now we are at the guts of the situation. Yes i am able to put them together as i actually built them inside each other. It took me some reorganisation of the code (not as much as i thought) and whammo i could write a second game within the main code base. Switching between games whenever i want. Now i will post more on this and It's very unique issues in another post, but suffice to say i have loved it, hated it and then gone round those emotions several more times. Currently now they are both done, i am quite pleased with it, only it has technical issues thanks to the submission process etc. But more later.

My back is aching pretty badly today, so i am gonna sign off now.
Da Voodoochief


  1. This game reminds me to one called "Jin", popular game in argentina, it looks fun!
    Too bad I don't have a w7 phone, for now...
    Best of luck dude!

  2. I am not familiar with the Jin game, though i have to say that the moevement in this game is hard to se without a nice video of it. I am not sure what to do about that, as this game in the emulator does not perform wel enough to Fraps.

    I really am gonna hate watching a video of me playing it on my phone... ewwww. But then again, maybe i should just do it and see how bad it is.

    Da Voodoochief