Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tip the Scale Passed

It is a nice thing to recieve this message in an email.

Congratulations! Cards Tip the Scale has successfully passed certification for Windows Phone Marketplace.               

Here is the Zune link (LINKY)
Here is the Link to it's page on my Web site (LINKY)

That is how Microsoft choose to tell people their Apps and games have passed certification and testing. It is a nice sight to see in an inbox. So the game will be available sometime in the next 24 hours. I just hope it's published date adn time will give it some time near the top of the list of new releases, something i missed on the last two releases i did. Though i am not sure why. Maybe MS are batch passing games, which seems a little unfair on the ones that they batch pass first. Cos then you could appear about about 7th on the new releases list, even though you passed minutes before 6 others.

I shall have to keep an eye open for what happens.

Expect Combo pack coming soon.

Da Voodoochief

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