Sunday, August 28, 2011

NDA frustrations

I make no secret that i like to talk. It might be one thing that i am truly good at. I also like to have some relevant information in what i am waffling on about. However due to annoying things like NDAs i cannot actually talk to anyone about my current job.

Here I am working at Mass Media for a ridiculous amount of hours per week and doing some really intersting stuff, and yet, i cannot talk about it. I cannot tweet our latest finding that i am sure some people would enjoy hearing. So here we all are at work for all this time and i am not able to tweet or blog about this cool stuff. Why not? Well simply because i am working on an as yet unannounced product. As it is unannounced i cannot say what it is, and therefore i cannot give hints about what it is by talking about the technical hurdles we are facing while making it a reality.

Another down side to working all these hours in my day job is that i am unable to develop my own games, so i have very little to discuss on that front as well.

So each week goes by and i search the Web to see if there is an official mention of this game. As once there is i hope to Blog and tweet stuff about it.

Till then, i guess all i can do is grind my teeth and say Grrrrr

Da Voodoochief

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