Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Will my game sell on WP7?

Tonight i will be sending in my game to Microsoft for them to certify it for publication to WP7 paid game land.

Cards Combo Pack is a game that contains both my free to play (Ad supported) games in one easy to use and Ad free game/download (Cards on Fire & Cards Tip the Scale). The only real difference that a player will see is the lack of Ads and the title page has both game logos on it to select which to play.

Now the real Question is.. Will people buy it?  I do not actualy hold out much hope for people buying the game. But ya never know and any extra revenue is a good thing. What i am hoping for though is that the paid game might drive downloads for the free to play games. I am not sure if this is simply wishful thinking or if it is going to turn into something good. Still, this is the way i coded the games and so it is not too much work to try this out. I will try once i have a clue if it has made any difference to Blog about the findings. Is it really worth the effort? I simply do not know. But i do find it very exciting to try this kind of stuff out :)

Da Voodoochief

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