Friday, August 5, 2011

The Dreamland Chronicles Books and WebComic Series

My mate Scott Sava is a wonderful artist. He also happens to be quite a talented writer (something i never suspected 10 years ago!!). He has managed for so many years to put these talents together to produce a huge body of work and some would say the that The Dreamland Chronicles is a shining example of his talents.

He has been creating this story and artwork now for 10 years and has maintained it on the web for free now, usually updating pages every weekday. No mean feat i can tell ya. Only when he has been strapped for time because of his other creative endeavours has he had to cut down the numbers of pages published per week. He has an great and enthusiastic following for this webcomic and i would say it is a success. In fact i would say it is a huge success if one doesn't count the money side of things. It is a very hard business to actually make any real money at. I know some people will think Scott and his lovely family being wealthy from such a great license and IP. However this has been a labor of love for Scott for so many years and not nescesarily too profitable.

Scot also publishes his books and they are collections of loads of pages and several chapters into a single book. He is now onto his 5th Book (amazing :O ). Last time out he decdied to get some funding so he could put the 4th book out, and it worked. So now Scott is going again for his 5th book in this great series. Hopefully he has worked out the numbers better this time and has calculated shipping costs into this enterprise :)  Yes, yet again this is not a profit making venture for Scott and BlueDreamStudios, it is a way of getting out his incredible books into peoples hands and hopefully getting more people to see and be entertained by his prodigeous talent.

The kickstarter project is well on it's way to being funded (in fact it is very close right now and i am sure it will get funded). BUT.. Yes, i say BUT.... We need to make sure we overfund this project. This Book will make an excellent present for a member of your family. Or a wonderful book to collect while your child is growing up and you can read them as a bedtime story. If we overfund this book, this will help Scott in his current and future endeavours and should secure us book 6 in a whiles time.

So here is the link for his Kickstarter project (LINK)    - go on, click it!

Here is the link for the Dreamland homepage (LINK)   - the whole webcomic for FREE!!

Here is the link to BlueDreamStudios (LINK)     - more info on his company

So do it, you won't regret reading this comic or viewing the beautiful renderings.

Thanks for listening,
Da Voodoochief

ps.  RT his kickstarter project url or just talk about it on your web site. This would also help this along as well.

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