Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Android Tablet, not connecting

Man it was frustrating for me. I got my new tablet

I got it pre-Christmas so it was only 130 dollars, which I find amazing considering all the great stuff in this particular tablet. I really wanted several of these features to be able to show off Very Bunny Haha to people more easily than opening up my Laptop etc.

Here are a few of the elements that convinced me to buy this tablet:
  • HD screen
  • HDMI output
  • Fast Processor
  • 10 inch screen
I got all this and a 32GB tablet for only 130 bucks. Wow eh!

Now at some point I thought I was going to have to send it back. As this was to be a development machine I needed to be able to debug bridge to it from Unity. However.... When I tried to download to the tablet it simply wouldn't work. Unity could not find my tablet.

I emailed AmericanPumpkins and asked them about it and they got back to me fast, and it was a Saturday as well. Thanks guys! They linked me this useful tool

However this showed my tablet and said that the USB driver was already installed for it. hmmm. more investigation required. So I read all sorts of references to these kinds of problems and couldn't seem to find any real help. This made me want to dumb down the problem. To do this I realized that there is a way to know IF Unity will see my device (Unity simply asks for an Android devices name so it can use it). This is done by typing 'adb devices' into your command prompt, that is if you have a path to the correct place, or you can do what I did and open a command prompt in the correct location to allow me to play with the SDK. That is here on my machine:-
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools
Well that tool showed me that it did not see any Android devices attached. AHA! so it means there is something wrong with the USB driver after all. Odd that the previous tool shows it is ok.

Well after following a fairly large number of other web pages looking for a clue I found one. Someone mentioned that the USB computer connection (under Storage on your Android device) should not be the PC mode and should be Camera mode. Well I looked over mine once more and I found mine was set to Media Device (MTP), in other words PC mode. So I switched it to the Camera (PTP) mode and suddenly my laptop moaned about not being able to find a driver for the device... Woot! getting closer....

Then I used the adbdriver tool list up above to and it showed that this time my device did not have the correct USB driver. A quick press of the install button and it says I am good.

I went immediately back to my CMD prompt and tried the 'adb devices' once more, and this is what I got.
As you can see I also tried other suggestions to kill and restart the server to no avail. The at the end you can see where I went back and my device showed up after the install. YES!

First this I did of course was to put VBHH onto it and it works so smoothly. That powerful processor working fast. I will have to uprez some of my graphics to full look good in this resolution, but that's ok (I hope).

Good luck with your Android problems,
Da Voodoochief

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