Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Minigame for Very Bunny Haha called Plong

This is what I was working on late last night and till about 1:30am this morning. Hey when development flows ya gotta stay the course and create, right!

Ok, so the name might likely change. Though I need something with an Arkanoid, Pong or Breaout kinda feel. For now this name is fine I reckon.

The inspiration for writing this minigame came from playing a lot of Ping Pong with my family this last week. We are looking after a table and it is parked in the garage.... well after cleaning and tidying up a bunch there was enough room to open up the table and we have been playing every day ever since. A lot of fun for sure and it also got me wanting to finish up a minigame design I had for a Pong themed game.

Here it is finished, balanced and done. Today I put in the SFX and also the pink effect you see in the middle of the screen (Ball spawning effect).

Next up is the Use button in the Inventory to move along the development of the game for Tablets. Meanwhile I am working hard on the design for the 'Reputation', which tonight my daughter gave me several good opinions on. I might be ready to move that forwards as well soon.

Good Night, and Happy New Year everyone.

Da Voodoochief

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