Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fixed stuff, broke stuff


Been one of those days. I have managed to fix a few bugs, add a few smaller features etc

I crushed a bug that has been haunting me for a little while. A bug that mostly showed up on the tablets. This of course made it harder to find and fix. I ended up getting this same bug (using the scene to scene door would get stuck half way through transit) in my PC game. Once I got it to happen I tried it several more times till I could dupe it every time. This allowed me to find a fix. Which was pretty easy to be honest.

The issue I now have is that my double tap that I recently added to the game to make it so I can use stuff, doorways, quest giver etc on the Tablets. Well Double Tap works great if the screen is not scrolling all over the place. Now I have the continuous touch move in both the 2D game and the 3D game (recent awesome addition), the screen keeps moving every time you tap the screen. This means I now have a real hard time achieving a double tap. GAH!

So I am going to try and fix this is a very small dead zone for touch to move (click to move is the same thing) around the players Rabbit. I cannot make this dead zone too big though otherwise I will lose some minor movement control.

Well better get it solved while I watch the Vikings and Giants battle it out.

Da Voodoochief

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