Saturday, December 12, 2015

Credits Menu now in

I am sure this seems ridiculously early in the development of a game to put in the credits screen. However I have a few reasons to do this:-

1. Everyone that works on a game should get credit, and it is too easy to forget someone when ya finally get around to doing credits at the end of the games dev cycle. This way I add them as people work on the game.
2. The menu needed doing as it moves other options around on the Main Menu.
3. I am brain dead... work has dissolved my brain this last week and so I do not have any great technical power left, so working on something obvious and small is good as I am still making progress with the game. Moving it nearer to a complete product.

As you can see there are only currently two main creators attached to this product, yet a week or two ago I put in some minigame music from Kevin Macleod. So BAM! I get to add an extra credit.

Ok, tired again now, going to bed.

Da Voodoochief

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