Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tablet version of VBHH coming along.. and then

The tablet version (touch control) version of Very Bunny Haha has been coming along very nicely of late. I have fixed several bugs and made it so some things are much easier now, such as the last fix to make it so the 'USE' functionality is easier.

So I download to my Kindle last night and start playing the game properly, working my way through the introduction and then getting to the part where I pick up my first quest from the Mayor. This is all going swimmingly. So I head out of his Mansion and into the village so I can introduce myself to a few of the important denizens. this is all part of the introductory Quest line. I make sure the quest is in my Log and also that I have the Quest item, which is a Note for Aaron.

I head off to Aaron and open up my inventory to use his Note on him when I realize...

DOH! I have not written any code to allow me to select the Note in the inventory and Use it with a touch interface. Hahaha, it works with a keyboard or joystick, but not touch (well not yet).

Above you can see the image of the inventory screen:
(A) - This is an Axe, but more importantly you can see that it is the highlighted item. The horizontal highlight along with the individual highlight makes it shine. When an Item is selected this screen also shows other relevant info, such as it's name.
(b) - These arrows on both the left and right sides of the Item lines light up if there are more items to scroll to. Again, this is not currently touch sensitive.
(c) - These are the instructions I display, and as you can tell they are for keyboard only. I am not sure quite what to do here... a small re-design might be in this sections future...

What I need is to be able to highlight Items using touch, and then also allow a touch to Use them.

Looks like I have some more work to do, but then I should be able to play the actual game a lot more.

Da Voodoochief

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