Friday, December 25, 2015

Fixing bugs and Stuff

I am not creating much at the moment for Very Bunny Haha. Like adding content etc.

What I am achieving though is a to stabilize the game in various ways. Solving bugs and finding even more to solve. Pretty cool even if the game is not growing at the moment.

I have added a bit more data saving as well which is always handy, cos ya never quite sure that you have ALL the data saved.

Fixed the player going awol through collision, and stopped the player vibrating against collision edges.

Fixed the player continuously walking off through collision and off scene when a menu such as the Inventory was pulled up.

Fixed some bugs with touch input not quite functioning properly on all buttons. It was a simple improper linking to the wrong functions.

Fixed some detection bugs that were easy to fix in the editor.

Now got to set up more in the South Village to make it more complete. Also going to do some more Quest additions etc. Time to get more stuff into the game after all. Though if I find more bugs, I reckon I shall crush them first.

Da Voodoochief

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