Friday, December 4, 2015

Skyline, or not?

Here is an image of the Skyline I have been working on. A few days ago when discussing the game with Leilani and figuring out what we need to complete the Chapter #1 section., we came up with several new areas we needed to be able to place characters into.

One of those areas was the extension to our village. the main village we have is full, full of buildings and also full of characters already. However we need a few more Village type professions, such as a Baker. As we cannot fit them into the existing Village area, we decided to come up with another area of the Village for you to explore. We also decided that this extra area should be above or below our existing Village. So now we have the VillageSouth scene. It is of course a work in progress at this point.

Another idea that was discussed for this area was to have a Skyline or Silhouette of the North village area showing up in our VillageSouth. This image above is where we are at currently with it. Personally I do not think it is working... perhaps I need more art expertise. Of course I will do some research this weekend. I think looking at photo's of this same thing should help me make something better than what I have at the moment.

Ok, time for bed... been a tough afternoon after having a filling and my face staying numb for 5 plus hours.

Da Voodoochief

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