Monday, December 14, 2015

Lazy Ranch Hand Character

In this image above you can see one of the newest Characters to join us in Very Bunny Haha land.
He is a Ranch Hand and he has an Ecky Thump hat. An old joke that comes from my youth when I used to watch a comedy program called 'The Goodies'. They did a few skits where they wore these ridiculously over sized flat caps and ran around with large Black puddings to smack people with. Perhaps this whole bit is a bit English hehe!

Back to the image above.... He is wearing a colored hat that is actually Grey, and this allows me to recolor the hat for different Ranch Hands. The last thing about him above is that he is in his basic position. This means the positions we stitch the Rabbits into before animating them. This also tends to be my actual idle for them as well.

As it happens this particular Ranch Hand is being a bit lazy. There is a quest for you to go and find him, and when you do you can see he is taking a quick nap. Hard work Ranching is ya know. So I animated him to make it look like he is snoring. So far this has been my favorite animation.

We are thinking of adding some eye animation (which will make him look more like he is asleep). Then I am thinking of adding a nice 'zzzz z Z Z ZZ' effect floating up from him. I think this dude is an excellent character and When you meet his friends who discuss the silliest stuff, I think you will enjoy them as well.

Da Voodoochief

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