Thursday, January 14, 2016

Arcade Task - new Minigame

Arcade Games is what I have been titling the Minigames I have written. It says 'Zoomy the Porcupine Arcade Game' etc.

Now I have invented something new for Very Bunny Haha. This is something I will call Arcade Tasks. These are Minigames that you have to play to solve or complete a given task. I could give you the player a Quest that requires you to solve a Jigsaw Puzzle for example. When you complete the Minigame you are told 'success' instead of 'game over'. Then the completion screen of the quest pops up over the Minigame.

I have just spent the last 5 days or so working on this area. I want to use it for all sorts of aspects of the game, and completing quests by playing Minigames gives me a LOT of scope for interesting gameplay. Lets take the first one I just wrote shall we :)

It is called 'Catch Alex' and the reason is very self explanatory. The Mayor has a son who loves to skateboard. Only when he is busy skateboarding he tends to wander off. This gets the Mayor a little concerned for his sons safety, and so he asks you early in the game to let him know to come back to the village if you see him. As it happens you do find him and are taken into this Minigame when you get close enough to Alex. You complete the Minigame and also complete the Quest, earning a bit of money and reputation along the way.

Here is a picture of the game taking place. A few things of note are... There are three layers of Parallax. This gives the scene a nice speedy quality. There are in fact pop up scores and a high score for this Minigame (like all minigames). The timer is counting up, and is used to calculate a catching bonus.
Here is a bonus picture of what the scene looks like. Odd looking thing in my mind, though the parallax works great.

I am so very pleased with how well this has worked out. After you come out of this Arcade Task, Alexander is no longer where he was. You will in fact find him in the village where he is supposed to be.

Da voodoochief

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