Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Minigames Tabletified

Yeah, I made that title up, I could have gone with Touchified as well, and perhaps I should, as not everyone will play on a tablet. Still I think it gets my point across, that I have modified the Minigames to be touch controlled for Tablets.

Plong was pretty easy. All I had to do was control the height of the Blocker or paddle. This is easily done with a single input from anywhere on the screen. I take the touches Y value and then convert it to game coordinates and compare with the current center of the paddle. Then I add velocity to the paddle to move it towards the Y value. One of the good things about this is that you can control the paddle from any X across the screen, so you can play it left or right handed etc.

Zoomy the Porcupine was also very easy. This is already a one button minigame so all I had to do was take a Touch on the screen (from anywhere again) and if there was a touch I add my velocities to the player Ring to help it defy gravity. Hold the finger on the screen longer and you will float for longer. This is in fact an exact copy of the control I had in there using buttons. Again this can be played with either hand and any finger.

Water Balls was a bit more difficult as the game uses Left, Right and Fire buttons. I had an idea how to easily make this a single button game, but I wasn't sure about it. That is until discussing this problem with Leilani and she suggests the same exact thing, without me even pushing that way. I did consider adding touch areas (buttons) onto the minigame screen, but I hate that kind of thing on tablets. So in the end you simply touch where you want the cannon to fire and it will rotate to that angle (if possible) and fire, all in one touch. Pretty neat and not really any easier than with the joystick.

I have some minor bugs where things are not quite right when touching the Inventory items, but I have found the issue, but now gotta fix it, and a few others. Still I also modified the House (cut it into parts) and modified the Village South scene a bit more. So moving onwards,

Da Voodoochief

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