Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Cakes are not a Lie

Check out those Awesome cakes that Leilani has drawn up for Very Bunny Haha. They are almost good enough to eat off the pages she drew them on.

As a note on this, the colorful Donuts and Cream cakes are colored Grey and that means I can color them up myself. I chose bright colors to show off the technique here in this picture. I know they are spread out funny, but that is because the rest of this scene is a simple test set up. We will get it all finished once we get the cabinets finished and scanned in. Then we can spread literally 40 baked goods around.

Finally I have a Cake script running on each of these items. The script is real simple. This is it in fact!

void Awake() {
   if (Random.Range(0, 100) < EATENCHANCE)

As you can see from the script, it simply has a chance to delete itself when spawned as the scene is loaded. This is good though as it means that every time you go into the Bakery the display will vary. Hopefully giving it a more lifelike and livable feels as some cakes have gone and been eaten. Yum.

Da Voodoochief

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