Friday, January 8, 2016

Need that Logo

I have been feeling something now for a while. I just have not been able to put those feelings together to allow me to come to a conclusion for what they mean.

Today I got em together and now I realize I need a Logo. Yup, that is it... I need a Logo for 'Very Bunny Haha'

I need one to use for the Web Page, I also need one for the game, as that will be the first thing anyone will see for this game. So what am I to do about getting a Logo? is sort of famous for people obtaining Logos. This seems like a good place to start. And at a Fiver for a Logo I can obviously ask several different people to do a Sketch for the Logo. Then pick the one I like best. In fact I need two types of Logo anyway for the game. I want one full title Logo and one Logo that just represents the initials 'VBHh'.

Now I realize that just giving the Artist/Designer the string of what I want is not going to get me a very applicable Logo. So I believe I want to accumulate a small portfolio of information and artwork for the game that I can present to the Artist. I might try doing this with video. Record some of the gameplay and various pieces of artwork etc. Then I can simply link that for the Artist to use as inspiration.

I do wonder if this is the way other people get Logos etc created, or am I missing an important ingredient ?

Da Voodoochief

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